Guinea Fowl that offers an unforgettable culinary experience

The Nimba guinea fowl originates from sub-Saharan Africa where these birds have been known to roam in savannas, semi-deserts or perched high on treetops in the forest. The name Nimba was inspired by the most important art piece of the West African Baga tribe, the Great Nimba Mask. The Nimba mask represents the mother of fertility and was worn to bless the tribe’s agricultural ceremonies.

The Nimba is a helmeted guinea fowl, due to the horn-like ‘helmet’ on it’s head, and has beautiful grey feathering with silver pearl-shaped spots. The Nimba offers excellent quality and gourmet flavoring similar to pheasant, but can be raised for much less. The characteristics of the Nimba meet the most stringent standards for many consumer quality labels. With its unique heritage and unforgettable flavoring, the Nimba is a standout choice for chefs and foodies alike.

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