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Consumer expectations for the protein value chain are changing, and we all feel the pressure to achieve more and to do it with less or for less to ensure the sustainability of our industry.

There is pressure on producers, for example, to deliver performance improvements and more efficient processes. At the same time, evolving consumer preferences require the industry to raise happy, healthy birds with reduced use of antibiotics while conserving resources for a lower carbon footprint. All of this is framed in the context of an aging labor force and flattened consumption levels.

We understand these challenges and you don’t have to address them alone.

Together we are Partners in Excellence

As your partner, we want to collaborate to bring excellence throughout the value chain. We believe that by working together, we can contribute to a sustainable turkey industry. Whether you are a grower, processor, integrator, or end consumer, our goal is to foster a connection between the links in the chain to achieve industry excellence.

A great product is just the beginning

We offer high quality, tailored products for every market, including standard white and colored turkeys. Each of our core products have been carefully selected to offer a balance of valuable traits such as feed conversion, livability, fertility, and carcass yield.

To ensure satisfaction from day 1, we source eggs and poults from our broad supply network focused on quality, consistency and security of supply.

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A great product, however, needs more than a good start. It needs to perform in all areas throughout the life of the flock in order to maximize profitability. To support you, we offer online management resources as well as access to our team of global experts that can both help to capitalize on opportunities and help to address challenges (whether product related or simply the additional pressures of running a business). We believe that deepening relationships with the various stakeholders in the value chain will ensure the sustainability of the industry overall.

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Progress: Preparing for the future, today

Continuous genetic improvement is at the core of what we do, and we consider it only the beginning of achieving so much more. Our breeding program is structured to offer flexibility in genetic options so we can adapt to meet the needs of today and tomorrow. Through innovative technologies like genomics, we are continuously improving the speed and accuracy of our genetic engine. In addition, we have established pedigree facilities in two key regions, North America and Europe, allowing us to make regionalized selections based on a combination of genetics and local conditions.

Progress, however, requires more than just genetic improvements. It also requires us to address the many challenges and opportunities facing our industry, which include issues like labour shortages, reducing carbon footprint, and animal care initiatives. As such, we are continually investigating ways to improve processes or integrate new technology and automation to find solutions. As the first input into the value chain, we play an important role in what is experienced by various stakeholders in the chain as well as what is ultimately delivered to the final consumer.

Interconnected Partnerships build a sustainable future

Our vision is to contribute to a sustainable turkey industry by creating deep connections between all links in the value chain. These deep connections allow information to flow more freely, which increases understanding of what is needed by the various stakeholders and aids in making sound decisions for the future.

We feel this approach creates a “win-win-win” situation: a win for your business, a win for our business and a win for the industry overall. Through open collaboration and transparency, we all stand to benefit and can ensure a sustainable industry for us all.


Our History

Hybrid Turkeys began as a small farm with 500 birds and a vision for what the future turkey industry could offer. Through innovation and strategic business partnerships, Hybrid Turkeys has grown beyond an animal genetics company to one that supplies and supports turkey producers around the world.

Hybrid Turkeys joined Hendrix Genetics in 2007 and has seen many advancements since then. Hendrix Genetics has invested in stronger infrastructure, research and development, and our service team. We have established production bases throughout the world that supply both parent and commercial stock products. Customers have the peace of mind to know they will always have reliable access to our products and the support of a global team of experts.

Hybrid History

Breeding and distribution

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Animal welfare

We are committed to the care and well-being of the animals we raise.

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Hendrix Genetics

Hybrid Turkeys is part of Hendrix Genetics, a multi-species breeding company.

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