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Hybrid Turkeys showcases customer photos of the first poult placements of 2019

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At Hybrid Turkeys our entire team is focused on ensuring the success of your business and the global turkey industry as a whole. From turkey breeding through commercial distribution we offer a reliable supply of leading genetics as well as access to our team of global turkey experts.

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With our experience in the supply of turkeys around the world, within every climate and growing environment, we are an ideal resource to provide diverse management solutions to the turkey value chain. Hybrid Turkeys Resources offer expertise on topics such as

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Additional Pedigree Complex offers genetic solutions to meet local needs

Did you know the same genetic strain or product, raised in two different environments can achieve different results in performance? This is known as the “genotype by environment” effect (GxE). Our ...

Know your footprint!

These days, we are all encouraged to be aware of our carbon footprint. But as a turkey grower, are you aware of a different footprint? This would be the heat footprint inside your barn.

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A guide to evaporative cooling systems in your turkey barn

It doesn’t take much to see that we are in a time of extreme weather. Only a few weeks ago, temperatures reached an all-time high all over Europe. When we are complaining of high heat and humidity,...

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