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On-demand webinars

Open House / Large Ring Brooding Review

We invite you to join Hybrid Turkeys in exploring open house brooding and the key areas of focus to ensure success. William Alexander, Technical Service Representative for Hybrid Turkeys, discusses;

  • Pre-placement preparation
  • Poult temperatures
  • Optimal house and floor temperatures for common brooding set ups
  • Desirable feed and water presentation and more

Reovirus: Misconceptions and Facts

Do you have questions about Reovirus? In this webinar, Hybrid expert Dr. Genevieve Huard addresses misconceptions surrounding this virus and outlines the industry facts available today. She will discuss topics such as 'Are all leg issues Reovirus?' through to 'What can the industry do to address this concern?'.

Turkey Genetics 101

Have you ever wondered about the role of genetics in turkey production? Who decides what the turkey of the future will be? Hybrid Turkeys Geneticist, Dr. Owen Willems, will introduce you to the world of turkey genetics. He will also provide insights into turkey breeding programs and the benefits this brings to turkey growers around the world.

Minimizing the effects of heat stress

This webinar will help turkey growers identify the signs of heat stress in a flock. We will also provide you with management solutions to ensure optimal flock performance throughout the summer season.

Antibiotic Free Turkey Production, William Alexander

Whether you are looking to run an antibiotic free turkey production program, or just want to find ways to minimize the use of medication this webinar is for you.

Avian Influenza, Dr. Helen Wojcinski

Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza, or HPAI, remains top of mind as it continues to pose a risk to poultry farmers around the world. This video discusses popular questions.

NPIP Biosecurity Principles, Dr. Helen Wojcinski

How important is a documented biosecurity program and what needs to be included? In this webinar Hybrid Turkeys Science and Sustainability Manager, Dr. Helen Wojcinski, discusses the importance of having a well-documented program in place as well as what elements should be considered.