Hybrid Turkeys offers high quality products for every market, including both white and colored turkeys. Feed conversion, livability, fertility, and breast meat yield, are some of the specially selected traits for our diverse product portfolio. At both the parent stock and commercial stock level, we are committed to providing our customers with high performance birds that are healthy and easy to manage.

Our balanced breeding program accounts for a combination of valuable product features at every stage of the value chain. So whether you are a grower, processor, integrator, or end consumer, Hybrid’s diverse selection of products can offer a solution to meet your needs.

Discover our products

  • Grade Maker

    A medium bird suited for the whole bird market.

    Grademaker 7 week female
  • Converter

    The most widely used turkey in the world.

    Converter header
  • Orlopp Bronze

    A premium bronze turkey that pairs tradition and innovation.

    orlopp bronze turkey
  • Artisan

    A slow growing black turkey for niche markets.

    Artisan Gold header

    A small sized turkey offering big advantages.

    MiniCLASSIC header
  • Optima

    A new strain for the medium bird market.

    optima cropped.jpg
  • Cartier

    A majestic bronze turkey suitable for a variety of production systems.

    Cartier Turkey
  • Rouge des Ardennes

    Rare red-feathered turkey offering superb taste.

  • MiniBRONZE

    All the benefits of a celebration turkey in a small convenient size.

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