Commercial Management

So you want to raise turkeys?

These resources will give you all the information you need in order to successfully raise turkeys. There are a few key areas of focus when managing your flock. Read on to learn more about biosecurity, set up, brooding, environmental control, feed and water, and health. Whether you are brand new to turkey production and need some information on the basics, or a seasoned producer seeking opportunities for continuous improvement, our resources can help you succeed.

Commercial Management Guide

Biosecurity is the planned, methodical approach to securing your farm as safe and disease-free. Every time someone enters your barn, you need to make sure that your biosecurity program is being followed. There are many entry points for disease to transfer, and the spread of disease can happen in the blink of an eye. The health of your turkeys and the security of your farm is everyone’s responsibility. This includes farm owners, managers, laborers and visitors to your facilities.

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Being prepared to receive a flock is necessary for success. Set up involves determining the right environment, including lighting, equipment, temperature, ventilation, and overall barn maintenance.

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Day-old birds, called poults, require extra care and attention. Tracking their growth, body temperature, water intake and feed intake milestones along with monitoring their behavior and activity will help identify if they are getting enough of what they require for long-term success.

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Controlling the environment in the barn will keep your birds comfortable - no matter the external conditions. Environmental controls include air quality, temperature, gases, and humidity.

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Your turkeys should always have access to well presented feed, clean water, and well-formulated diets. Take note of feed formulation including vitamins, minerals, and trace mineral supplementation and nutrient guidelines. Managing water should include tracking consumption and administering sanitation programs.

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The health and welfare of a turkey flock is a top priority. Happy, healthy birds will perform to their full genetic potential. Turkey welfare goes beyond providing basic necessities such as food and water. It includes animal treatment, bird handling, and overall turkey health and is everyone's responsibility.

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Disclaimer: These resources are intended as a reference to obtain consistently good results with all Hybrid products. Recommendations are based on published scientific research, Hybrid research trials, and the many years of practical, collective experience of our technical service team. While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the recommendations provided, Hybrid Turkeys accepts no liability for the consequences of implementing these recommendations.