Breeding and distribution

Breeding turkeys has been at the core of our business and has allowed us to grow into a global leader in turkey genetics.

Over time the demands of our breeding program have expanded beyond that of our parent stock customers to consider traits preferred by commercial turkey farmers, processing plants and retailers. In addition to this shift in the breeding program, the turkey industry began to consolidate at a rapid rate.

Since 2011 we have been distributing parent stock and commercial turkeys through a network of owned and aligned distribution. This ensures you have access to Hybrid genetics no matter where you are located.


With breeding facilities in Canada, France and USA, our breeding program is strategically located to best serve our international customer base. Our genetics team is focused on improving traits that are important to our clients, and the final consumer. We take pride in our balanced approach to breeding that keeps production, welfare and societal needs in mind.


Through a combination owned and aligned turkey multiplication companies Hybrid Turkeys genetics are supplied to customers around the world. Our integrated multiplication in France, Poland, The Netherlands and now USA work closely with our partners to meet the growing demand for Hybrid commercial eggs and poults. Our global supply chain ensures access to the genetics you want anywhere in the world.

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