The importance of a good start

Final flock performance can be influenced early in the production cycle. For example, a day-old poult will almost triple its body weight during the first week of life. In order see the genetic gain that a Hybrid turkey can offer, it is important to get poults off to a good start. This includes maintaining the right conditions regarding health and nutrition. Good gut health means establishing regular feeding and drinking patterns.

Whether you have the most innovative and up-to-date equipment or have an older facility, a good start will set your flock up for success and requires investing time and attention into this key period.

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Poults require specialized care and are very sensitive to their surroundings in the first days of life. Some steps are needed to prepare an inviting and comforting environment before their arrival.

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It is important that poults have sufficient heat to encourage them to move around and explore their environment. To best understand the impact of temperature during brooding, you need to understand the heat footprint experienced at bird level.

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A good start includes poults that are actively eating and drinking. There are key actions that can help attract poults to their feed and water. Good feed and water intake at this stage of life plays a vital role in establishing gut health to set a flock up for long-term success.

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It is important to start your poults with at least >80 lux of light for 24 hours. A well-lit barn will help the poults find feed and water right after placement.

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