A New Nutritionist at Hybrid Turkeys

Published on April 17, 2023

A New Nutritionist at Hybrid Turkeys

We are delighted to introduce our new Nutritionist, Clarisse Bideau. Clarisse has been working for Hendrix Genetics for a year and a half as the Soucelles Parent Hatchery Manager. She will now be responsible for working with customers in the EMEA region in nutrition.

Clarisse will transition to a role previously occupied by Hugo Paysan. Hugo notably worked on the creation of the new nutritional guides published recently. Click here to read.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hello, my name is Clarisse. I'm almost 26 years old from Brittany, France. From a young age, I have been immersed in the agricultural world (and a little in the ocean of course). So I naturally decided to study agricultural engineering. I followed the curriculum offered by the ESA in Angers, during which I was able to specialize in Animal Production. I quickly fell in love with the poultry industry, which I was able to confirm during my various internships and experiences.

This training has taught me technically and has also enriched me on a personal side, between meetings and travels. The relationship with others is for me something essential both in my professional and personal life: in my spare time I play rugby, a sport where the notion of teamwork is central, and I am involved in several associations aiming to help the most disadvantaged.

If I had to describe myself in three words, they would certainly be the following: dynamic, curious, and adaptable.

You are already an employee at Hendrix Genetics, what were your roles and responsibilities during this first experience?

I joined Hendrix Genetics in November 2021 as the Soucelles Hatchery Manager. Soucelles Hatchery is our selection hatchery: this is where pedigree, grandparent and parent stock turkeys are hatched. My role on the site was to manage the teams and their work, ensure good technical results, and produce quality poults to ensure successful production and healthy flocks.

Can you tell us a little more about your new role?

I will have several responsibilities as a nutritionist. Firstly, within our internal operations, I will ensure the proper nutrition of our animals to maximize performance. This includes the nutritional analysis of rations and problems encountered in breeding, but I will also work together with feed suppliers to ensure product quality. The nutritionist's role also includes setting up trials, internally or with partners, to contribute to the continuous improvement of our genetics. Finally, I will also have a role in supporting and advising our customers on nutrition.

What will be your role when working with customers?

My role with our clients will be to provide answers and solutions to the problems encountered with feeding. The objective is to provide nutritional support and to target actions when faced with challenges in order to maximize the potential of our animals.

What led you to accept this role?

Several perspectives led me to accept this position within the company. There is the technical aspect of nutrition, which I am passionate about. The dynamic aspect of the job and the diversity of the situations encountered also attracted me. Finally, it is a job where you have to constantly find the best solutions, at the crossroads of several fields (animal welfare, research, environment, markets...), and where you question the ways of doing things and thinking every day. For me, the nutritionist profession has a lot of meaning and has a great role to play in the development of agriculture today and tomorrow.

How did you prepare for this new position?

The training with Hugo was intensive: we really started working together in mid-January. Hugo loves to teach and immediately trusted me and included me in his projects. I was able to gain a greater understanding by asking lots of questions. I thank him for his time and his trust, which allowed me to quickly gain the necessary skills.

What is a quote that defines you?

"Everything will be ok in the end. If it is not ok, it is not the end." - John Lennon

Don't hesitate to contact Clarisse for any questions or advice on the nutrition of your turkeys!

Contact Clarisse

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