Published on July 28, 2021

Exploring solar-powered turkey barns

As part of our commitment to environmental sustainability, it is important to look for opportunities to save on resources, including energy. The energy required to power and ventilate barns is one part of agriculture’s carbon footprint. Investigating the use of renewable energy sources is a great way to reduce our carbon emissions.

Our goal is to lead forward by setting the standard for sustainable animal breeding. Consideration of environmental impact is just one of the ways we want to help feed a growing world population in a sustainable manner. Animal genetics can play an important role in reducing agriculture’s carbon footprint. Learn more about how the connection between environmental sustainability and high-quality animal genetics.

Within our turkey business, a new project has been initiated to install solar panels to help power two facilities in Poland. In June 2021, solar installations were built on laying farms located in Wopławki and Sykstyny. The installation includes the latest generation half-cut solar panels (a solar panel divided into two sections) with a unit power of up to 500 watts. The entire installation consists of 99 panels placed in full sun to be able to power the barns.

The 50kW installation covers our energy needs up to 75% during the summer when the yield from the installation is the highest, and energy needs for our ventilation system is the highest. Throughout the calendar year, we estimate that the 50kW installation will produce 49,000 kWh of energy.

We are proud to highlight this project that contributes to a more sustainable future for the environment and for our industry.

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