Hybrid in action in Germany

Published on June 26, 2019

Hybrid in action in Germany

Germany is one of the leading turkey producers in Europe, with a high focus on enhancing animal welfare standards. Our team recently participated in some key events bringing together experts, professionals, and growers to exchange ideas and discuss solutions.

Animal welfare is an important focus in the German market, and so many of the events featured presentations on understanding and managing animal behavior. Beak treatment, antibiotic free production, and developing the right product for the market were all topics of interest.

Osnabrück Poultry Symposium

The Osnabrück Poultry Symposium is a yearly event that includes lectures on industry trends as well as hands-on workshops. Topics included politics and food retail requirements, global trends, and cellular agriculture, the production of agriculture products from the use of cell cultures that would otherwise come from traditional agriculture. A panel of experts discussed the potential and future views on cellular agriculture. Later on in the day, the group discussed best practices for raising turkeys without the use of beak treatment.

20190605 Osnabrücker Geflügelsymposium.jpeg

World Poultry Science Association Hafez Conference

The Hafez Conference, held in Berlin, brings together experts from the scientific and academic fields. Topics included diagnosis and control of turkey health issues, animal welfare, food safety, and the influence of legislation on turkey health and production. Nico Buddiger, Director, Product Management, spoke on the topic of innovations in turkey breeding and the importance of listening to the needs of the market when guiding product development.

Hafez conference audience germany

Expert Forum for Meat Poultry

The Niedersachsen Chamber of Agriculture organized The Expert Forum for Meat Poultry in Cloppenburg, Lower Saxony. This event featured both specialist lectures and an exhibit hall. Hybrid Turkeys exhibited its own booth for the first time at this event. The team answered questions and had the chance to connect with leaders in the German market. Presentations included instruction on raising birds with untreated beaks and a discussion on future alternatives in the poultry production process.

190529 picture hybrid germany - expert forum meat poultry.jpg

As a leader in turkey production in Europe, these industry events are an important way to stay connected to the German market. We were pleased to participate in these events to hear more from our German customers and to share knowledge for the benefit of the industry.

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