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Published on March 12, 2020

Multi-year donation to Iowa State University highlights commitment to progress

Hybrid Turkeys is proud to highlight their dedication to excellence through collaboration with Iowa State University (ISU) to build a new turkey education and research facility.

Progress begins by identifying an opportunity. ISU identified a need within the industry to showcase turkey production to the general public, educate and train the next generation and to run research trials. This initiative offered a good fit with the vision of Hybrid Turkeys; To contribute to a sustainable turkey industry, and as such Hybrid Turkeys confirmed a donation of $100 000 over the next 5 years to support this project.

The industry is aging, and this new facility provides a way to train the next generation of leaders through hands-on learning. It can also serve as a showcase farm for the general public to see poultry production in action.

Research is a key factor in promoting change and continuous improvements in turkey production. Some of the planned research areas include breeding and genetics, flock management, behavior and welfare and animal health.

John Patience ISU

Iowa State University has a strong history of poultry excellence. Thanks to the financial and in-kind support of Hybrid Turkeys, and our other industry partners, we will usher in a new and exciting phase of research advancing the turkey industry through science and education. The turkey facility will bring together faculty from across campus to research turkey nutrition, equipment, ventilation, turkey wellbeing, manure handling and explore a wide range of new technology.

John Patience ISU
John Patience
Interim Chair of the Department of Animal Science at ISU
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To sustain our industry, we need to act now on the needs of tomorrow. Through partnerships like this we are collaborating to bring excellence throughout the value chain.

Jeff McDowell img
Jeff McDowell
General Manager Americas, Hybrid Turkeys

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