Published on June 11, 2021

Testing the potential of mixed reality technology

Mixed reality technology has the potential to help us collaborate faster and more efficiently while protecting the health and biosecurity of our animals.

Investment in technology is crucial in the world of animal breeding. Finding new tools for collecting animal performance data ensures that we can deliver better results in every new generation. But we realize that the opportunities for technological advancement can extend far beyond breeding technology. In our turkey facilities, as well as other Hendrix Genetics facilities around the world, we have been testing the potential of mixed reality technology via Microsoft HoloLens. With new tools such as the HoloLens we can collaborate faster than ever while minimizing the impact to time and resources used for travel.

Assistance from a distance

Even before managing the realities of Covid-19, we’ve been investigating the possibility of taking existing technology and tailoring them for the needs of our customers. Mixed and augmented reality products offer great potential in connecting people from all over the world. The Microsoft HoloLens 2 was tested for several use cases within Hendrix Genetics. These wearable computer glasses offer the possibility to add information to what the wearer sees. The main benefit of mixed reality smart glasses is that the wearer has their hands free to perform tasks while recording their point of view. When travel was not possible, due to Covid, the HoloLens glasses were used to allow our turkey hatchery expert to see inside a facility in another country and troubleshoot any questions from the staff. We also conducted an internal tour of one of our hatcheries in the USA where we were able to show our team the layout and advanced features of the facility.

Another successful application was within our swine business for boar selections. In the past, this process would have involved an expert traveling to a nucleus farm. Now, with the use of augmented reality, the whole process can be completed in an hour, saving time, money, and resources. You can view the video below for an example of the HoloLens in action within our swine facilities.

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