A small sized turkey offering big advantages

MiniCLASSIC poult

Small, stocky, and robust, the MiniCLASSIC has been carefully bred to deliver all of the desirable characteristics that turkeys have historically been appreciated for. Having been a part of the Hendrix Genetics collective gene pool, this traditional breed has been developed to offer the marketplace a smaller alternative turkey.

With its compact confirmation, the MiniCLASSIC is a smaller bird that has all of the heartiness found in a larger celebration bird. The small size of the MiniCLASSIC offers maximum harvesting flexibility and operational efficiency without sacrificing meat quantity or quality. The MiniCLASSIC thrives in specialized or free-range operations, and is the perfect complement to any farm. As a smaller choice, consumers will embrace the MiniCLASSIC for its convenient-to-cook size that delivers a high quality, succulent taste with appealing table presentation that is perfect for the most prestigious family celebrations

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