All the benefits of a celebration turkey in a small convenient size

Perfect for traditional markets, the MiniBRONZE is a bronze-feathered turkey that is reminiscent of a simpler time due to its slow growth, rustic characteristics and natural beauty. The MiniBRONZE has been carefully bred to deliver all the characteristics of a celebration turkey in a small package.

The small size of the MiniBRONZE offers maximum harvesting flexibility and operational efficiency without sacrificing meat quantity or quality. The MiniBRONZE thrives in specialized or free-range operations and is the perfect complement to any farm. As a whole-bird option, consumers will embrace the MiniBRONZE for its convenient-to-cook size that delivers high quality meat with succulent taste. When presented on the harvest table, the MiniBRONZE stands out as the centerpiece of any special family celebration.

Only available in Europe

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