Feeder and drinker set up

Adequate access to feed and water is essential to raising healthy turkeys. Be sure there are enough feeder and drinkers at a height that is easy to access for the birds.

Equipment needs

Number of birds per bell drinker Number of birds per nipple drinker Number of birds per feeder
Poults (0-6 weeks) 90-110 30-40 50-70
Females (week 6 - finish) 90 - 110 25-30 60 - 65
Males (week 6 - finish) 90 - 110 20 40 - 50

Note: These guidelines are averages of data provided by various equipment manufacturers. Refer to the specific guidelines made by the manufacturer of your specific system for the most accurate recommendation.

Drinker types


Bell Drinker


Nipple Drinker

Feeder and drinker height

The height of the top lip of the feeder and the bottom of the drinker should be the same height as the turkeys back. Poorly adjusted equipment can lead to a loss of water, wet litter, and under consumption of feed and water.