ConverterNOVO delivers value in FCR and Livability

Published on April 4, 2024

ConverterNOVO delivers value in FCR and Livability

Product performance is crucial for turkey farmers as it directly impacts the overall success and sustainability of their operations. A turkey farmer relies on the efficient growth, health, and ultimately, the market value of their turkeys. Tailored products for the EMEA market have been a key step in supporting turkey farmers in this important region. We are pleased to share field results of improved livability, FCR (feed conversion ratio), and average daily gain in the Hybrid ConverterNOVO.

After launching this product in 2022, we have collected performance data over the past two years. Field performance used in the analysis included data on body weight, feed conversion, and mortality. Below we have compiled results from the top performing farmers. This data shows the full genetic potential of this product in average daily gain and livability. This means increased efficiency in your operations leading to cost savings and getting the full value from your flock.

Average Daily Gain

Results % of standard reached
Females 96g @ 100 days 97
Males 151g @ 133 days 99

Average Daily Gain (ADG) is a crucial metric for turkey farmers, as it provides valuable information about the growth and development of turkeys over a specific period. A faster and more efficient growth rate can lead to reduced production costs per pound of meat produced, contributing to higher profits for the farmer. Results from the field show that for both male and female turkeys, the top farmers were easily able to achieve the standard ADG.


The Hybrid ConverterNOVO shows strong results in improved FCR. Field data shows that the top farmers were able to achieve 2.54 FCR at 146 days, reaching 100% of the standard for male turkeys. With feed as one of the highest costs for turkey farmers, we are committed to continuous improvement in this important trait. Even just a 1% improvement in FCR can translate to significant cost savings.

Turkey picture 2 for article


Livability is another key indicator that has been improved in the ConverterNOVO. Results show that the top farmers were able to achieve an average of 93.7% livability at 120 days. By focusing on leg strength and quality in our breeding program, we ensure that customers can get the full value and genetic potential from their flocks.

Continuous product performance is key in supporting our customers at every stage of the value chain. Results from the field show that you can rely on optimized performance for the traits that matter in your operations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our sales and technical service representatives to learn more about the Hybrid ConverterNOVO or any products in our portfolio.

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