Event recap: Successful seminars held in Germany

Published on Nov. 24, 2023

Event recap: Successful seminars held in Germany

Our team was recently invited to participate in regional grower meetings organized by our customer, Heidemark, in Germany.

These meetings were held across the country in which growers were updated by Heidemark colleagues on global market trends in production and consumption, animal welfare regulations, and product differentiation trends to maintain a sustainable turkey industry in Germany. Lastly, our team was given the opportunity to introduce Hendrix Genetics, Hybrid Turkeys, and to share insights on R&D innovations and product performance.

Over the course of two weeks, our team participated in four seminars for 193 turkey growers across the main turkey production zones in Germany. Attendees gained valuable insight from our speakers: Nico Buddiger, Sylvain Briere, and Piotr Skalij. The team spoke on product performance, innovations in R&D, and the latest updates from the global turkey market. In particular, we were excited to share performance results from the Hybrid ConverterNOVO, the product tailored to the German and European market. The event provided an opportunity for learning, exchanging ideas, and providing a wider perspective on the turkey industry. Thank you to all who attended and thank you to Heidemark for allowing us to meet so many growers in such a short period of time! Below are some photo highlights from the event.

group photo

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