Genetic progress evident in the updated Hybrid Converter

Published on Feb. 14, 2023

Genetic progress evident in the updated Hybrid Converter

This year, we are excited to release an update to the Hybrid Converter, specially selected in our North American pedigree facilities and focused on delivering an optimal balance of breast meat yield, average daily gain, and competitive feed conversion.

Turkey growers are under pressure to get the most value from their flock. With that in mind, it is crucial to deliver high-performing products, tailor made for the market. To meet the evolving needs of the market, we are excited to release updated Hybrid Converter performance guidelines.

What can you expect in performance?

The updated Hybrid Converter is designed to optimize results through the value chain. Whether in breeding or commercial production, you can expect excellent performance.

Commercial Breeding
Enhanced focus on breast meat yield Desirable poult production
Competitive feed conversion Lowest feed cost
Superior average daily gain Leading semen quality
Robust with good livability Superior hatchability and fertility
Leading Hen Grade Persistency of lay

Background on the update process

How are we able to ensure genetic progress? The answer is a mixture of innovative selection methods which allows us to improve accuracy and speed of genetic improvements and the regional focus of our two pedigree facilities. In our pedigree complex in North America, we focus on selection for the needs of the market under local conditions. By investing in production facilities on two continents, we can deliver high-quality, tailored products to meet the needs of the regional markets.


Innovative technology is another key in developing the updated Hybrid Converter. For example, with the use of our new CT scanner, we can get in-depth information on the various aspects of a turkey’s body such as skin, bones, body composition, airways, and organs. To analyze the yield information of individual birds scanned, Hybrid uses 3D models to estimate the total grams of breast meat per kilo of live weight. This information is used to analyze and compare birds when completing the selection process. Click here to read more about the use of CT scanning technology.

Customer feedback remains a key component in where we take our products and which traits are most important to them. Contact your sales representative to learn more or visit the Converter page.

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