Stronger Together: Hendrix Genetics gives back when it’s needed most

Published on Oct. 23, 2020

Stronger Together: Hendrix Genetics gives back when it’s needed most

While much of the world is trying to figure out how to get through the current pandemic and deal with the uncertainty of what comes next, the team at Hendrix Genetics is ramping up their support in local communities.

Did you know that Canada remains one of the few industrialized countries without a universal food program in schools? Each year the team at Hendrix Genetics collaborates with two local agencies to ensure access to food in the communities where employees live and work. This year, due to COVID, there is an increased need for food, and the team at Hendrix Genetics responded by increasing their support.

Thanks to the generous contributions of employees and financial matching by Hendrix Genetics, the team was able to raise an outstanding $90, 500 to support local food programs. This amount is almost $10,000 more than the amount pledged in 2019. It just goes to show the caring nature of the employees and the culture of giving at Hendrix Genetics.

Through good times and bad, customers and communities alike have come to recognize Hybrid Turkeys and Hendrix Genetics as a dedicated partner they can count on. They are there to celebrate the successes achieved by working together and can be counted on to step up their support during challenging times.

We are so very thankful to our employees for doing their part every day to ensure a better tomorrow.


A community is like a ship, and in this storm Hendrix Genetics has been the stabilizing force this year allowing us to stay on track with our work. The staff and management at Hendrix during what has been a very challenging year has helped us steady ourselves through this storm. We are beyond grateful for the generosity of the employees who have so many choices and to the management for matching these funds. So many children find themselves in difficult times now that never were before and because of the universal approach of Nutrition for Learning they can continue to feel comfortable participating and none of this could happen without the extraordinary generosity of your support

Mary D’Alton
Strategic Initiatives, Nutrition for Learning

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