Hendrix Genetics and CSA announce nutrition support partnership

Published on July 24, 2023

Hendrix Genetics and CSA announce nutrition support partnership

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with CSA Animal Nutrition to provide nutrition support within the Americas region for our turkey business unit, Hybrid Turkeys.

CSA provides science based independent recommendations as technology advances, markets change, and consolidation occurs across the additives, premix, and feed segments. By aligning with CSA Animal Nutrition, Hybrid Turkeys can help ensure the industry proactively manages adaptations in turkey diets to address the availability and price of ingredients as well as the evolutions in genetics.

CSA_Charles Shininger_Pres 2023

CSA Animal Nutrition is honored to be selected by Hybrid Turkeys as their provider of professional nutrition services. The CSA team is excited to partner with Hybrid and provide precise nutrition to match their performance goals. As a leading provider of nutrition solutions and services, CSA values the relationship with Hybrid and their many customers throughout the turkey industry.

CSA_Charles Shininger_Pres 2023
Charles Shininger
President, CSA Animal Nutrition

With the rise in feed costs and availability of various ingredients, we want a partner that helps us and our customers navigate changes without compromising product performance. The team at CSA Animal Nutrition are experts in the feed industry, and we are happy to have them join our efforts to maximize genetic potential across the Americas.

Trevor Aitchison
General Manager, Americas

Understanding the quality, safety and nutrient profile of feed ingredients, in addition to the effect of changes in turkey genetics, is critical to providing accurate feed formulations to optimize flock performance.

About Hybrid Turkeys

Hybrid Turkeys is the turkey business unit of Hendrix Genetics, a leading multi-species animal breeding company. Hybrid Turkeys has a global production base, offering high quality parent stock and commercial turkey products to customers around the world. www.hybridturkeys.com

About CSA Animal Nutrition

CSA Animal Nutrition is an independent nutrition consulting and services firm that provides nutrition services for pork, poultry, egg, and dairy producers, feed manufacturers and nutritionists. https://csaanimalnutrition.com/

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