Published on Oct. 27, 2021

Hendrix Genetics cares for our community

No matter the state of the world, a strong community works together to support the most vulnerable in their time of need. We are passionate about providing nutritious food, and our team in Canada is ready to rise to the occasion.

At every level of our organization, our employees believe in the importance of providing healthy food to their community. Each year the team at Hendrix Genetics in Canada runs a community giving campaign aimed at providing support to local partners (Nutrition for Learning and Food and Friends) who supply food to kids in need. When COVID hit and schools shut down, both partners quickly adapted their programs to continue providing universal access to food for families in the community. With an increased need for food, these local partners rely on support from corporate sponsors.

Thanks to the generous contributions of employees and financial matching by Hendrix Genetics, we are overjoyed to announce that together we raised $75,000!


...The support of the Hendrix Genetics employees is creating a brighter future for a young person that had a healthy meal today in our schools... Thank you.

O’neil Edwards
Executive Director, Nutrition for Learning

...With your generous donation and continued support of our Food & Friends program, you are helping to create opportunities, build skills, and foster hope for the vulnerable children and youth in our community...

Bobbi Turner
Program Manager, Food & Friends

A round of applause goes out to our employees who work hard to provide nutritious protein sources and who show our communities that Hendrix Genetics Cares.

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