Published on April 5, 2021

Hill & Thompson Farms achieves outstanding Converter performance

With 2020 field results showing great performance across all key traits, Hybrid is proud to highlight Hill & Thompson Farms in Iowa, USA for outstanding Converter flock performance.

Little things can make all the difference, says Noel Thompson and Ben Slinger from Hill & Thompson Farms. “Farming is a 24/7 job that boils down to paying attention 100% of the time. If you notice an issue, you address it immediately.” This attention to detail is the reason for exceptional Converter flock results from last summer. The final flock results showed excellent performance across livability, weight, average daily gain, and feed conversion.

Age 132 days
Average weight 45.40 lbs
Average daily gain 0.3452
LIvability 89%
Adjusted feed conversion 1.99

What makes this flock notable is that the results were obtained in the middle of summer, when grueling conditions make turkey production a challenge. When discussing their environmental controls, Ben remarked, “We change the misting systems in our barn to keep the birds cooled down while also making sure the litter stays as dry as possible.” Ben also mentioned the use of tunnel ventilation helps with air flow to keep birds cool.


Besides careful observation and the right systems in place, Noel and Ben note that continuous education is an important key to success. Their recommendation? Don’t be afraid to make changes. “It’s important to stay ahead, network, see what’s available out there and what’s coming,” they said.

It’s great to highlight successes, but it’s also important to take stock of how to approach challenging situations. Hill & Thompson Farms are known for their focus on collaboration when dealing with obstacles.

Hybrid is highly responsive... if you come to them with a concern, they honestly want to take a look and try to solve the problem rather than get defensive about it. They really care and want to improve constantly. I really appreciate that.

Noel Thompson
Hill & Thompson Farms

We believe that by working together, we can contribute to a sustainable turkey industry. With continuous improvement at the core of what we do, unmatched customer service and hands-on support, Hybrid is dedicated to helping customers succeed. Through the good times and the bad, Hybrid aims to support you. Together we are Partners in Excellence.

Well done Noel and Ben! Here’s to more success stories ahead!

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