Hybrid in Action: Supporting our longtime partner, Sopraval

Published on May 23, 2024

Hybrid in Action: Supporting our longtime partner, Sopraval

Members of our technical team recently traveled to Sopraval in Chile for a fruitful exchange of ideas on elevating breeder turkey management.

Sopraval is an integrated turkey producer with a long history in the Chilean market, and we have worked together since 1984. Sopraval is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of quality and look to continuously improve their processes via technology and team training. This common vision has allowed both Hybrid Turkeys and Sopraval to grow and progress together.

Last week, the team visited multiple facilities, including tom breeders, commercial brooders, and finishers.  The focus was on male breeder weight control and semen quality at a stud farm along with proper ventilation, litter management, temperature control and more at commercial farms.

It was a valuable meeting to discuss technical recommendations and share insights on our shared commitment to work together for the sustainability and growth in the South American poultry market.

soproval 1
sorpval 3

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