Hybrid Turkeys introduces a new European Pedigree Complex

Published on Nov. 12, 2020

Hybrid Turkeys introduces a new European Pedigree Complex

At the end of 2019, Hybrid Turkeys placed their first pedigree turkey flocks in a new European-based pedigree complex. This milestone showcases efforts to continuously improve Hybrid products and adapt them to the needs of local customers and markets.

As organizing an in-person inauguration event this year was not possible, due to COVID, the team at Hybrid Turkeys ran a webinar to present this brand-new breeding facility and outline the benefits it brings. The webinar included presentations about Hybrid’s history in Europe, the facilities and processes, and their genetic progress.

A dedicated partner

The first speaker was Laurent Souti, General Manager of Hendrix Genetics Turkeys France, the French turkeys’ entity. Laurent kicked off the event by highlighting Hybrid’s history of dedication and success in the European market along with some reminders on how Hendrix Genetics and Hybrid Turkeys have grown over time. He outlined several investments made over the last three years, both in production facilities as well as in R&D. With the establishment of a second pedigree site and with production facilities on two continents, Laurent mentioned that Hybrid aims to secure the value chain that supplies leading turkey breeds to the market. This infrastructure also helps reduce risks to customers and is backed by a team of passionate experts. Laurent’s final statement surrounded the diversity of the products offered by Hybrid that cover standard, alternative, and traditional market needs. Through these investments and the vision of the team, Hybrid offers the market high quality, tailored products to meet the needs of the local markets. Hybrid continues to invest to ensure a sustainable future for the turkey industry.

World-class facilities and processes

The second speaker, Guillaume Simonneau, Grand Parent & Pedigree Production Manager, went into greater detail about the new pedigree complex, which breeds the Hybrid pure line turkeys. He described the technology used, and the dedication to quality as well as explained the different selection steps of the pedigree breeding process. In the rearing phase, live weight, walking behaviour, feed efficiency and meat yield of the turkeys are evaluated. During the reproductive period close attention is given to the insemination of turkeys and precise tracking of egg production. Innovative technology is a key factor in running this facility and managing the data collected. An example is the sophisticated feed tracking stations used during the rearing phase.

The future is bright

The last presentation was conducted by Owen Willems, Director of R&D, who talked about ‘Progress for Genetics and beyond’. The new pedigree complex allows the R&D team to address the Genotype by Environment effects and adapt initiatives to customize products to meet the local market needs. Value chain excellence starts with great genetics and can be enhanced through innovations and new technology. Owen highlighted the Hybrid product projections for the next two years as well as some of the new technology that is already being used. For example, sensor technology is being applied to evaluate livability progress and track animal behaviour while genomics is working to enhance the accuracy and speed of yearly genetic gain.

Want a sneak peek inside the new pedigree facility? Take a look at this video that showcases the many aspects of the Hybrid breeding process and the path to customer success.

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