Hybrid Turkeys continues to invest in its selection and distribution tools

Published on Nov. 26, 2021

Hybrid Turkeys continues to invest in its selection and distribution tools

Hendrix Genetics continues to stand out in the market as a leader in animal selection and genetics. This is evident in the actions of the turkey business unit, represented by the brand Hybrid Turkeys. Over the past 3 years, more than 7 million Euros ($7.9 million USD) have been invested in selection and distribution activities.

One of the primary highlights is the establishment of a new Pedigree complex in Europe. This project allowed for the expansion of breeding activities over 2 continents to adapt products to the needs of local markets. This new facility houses approximately 85 000 turkeys covering standard pure lines and alternative and traditional lines. Through this complex, the aim is to create Hybrid products custom selected to meet the local needs of the markets, while providing enhanced biosecurity to limit sanitary risks.

An example of the enhanced selection efforts are realized via the introduction of a new heavy product: the ConverterNOVO. Launched in 2020, this strain is already proving itself to European customers through excellent livability, average daily gain, an attractive feed conversion ratio, and enhanced breeding capabilities.

coulage résine sol travaux couvoir Saint Laurent.jpg

The above two projects are strongly reinforced by additional investments focused on optimizing and modernizing hatching activities. Most recently an investment of 4.5 million euros ($5.1 million USD) was made in Hybrid’s European distribution hatchery located in Saint-Laurent-de-la-Plaine, France-EU. This investment includes a complete renovation of the transfer room to make it bigger and with all new flooring.

A large focus was on renewing the automation within the hatchery. Additionally, the hatching rooms have been renovated from floor to ceiling to include 24 of the latest generation Petersime Biostreamer hatchers as well as a new ventilation system. Finally, the sorting/washing area has been redesigned to improve the sanitary conditions of the area and adapt to the new hatching equipment.

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The upgrades to the hatchery ensure good results across many areas including excellent bird quality, sanitary status, and flock performance for customers. As well the upgrades aim to improve the working conditions of our employees and minimize our carbon footprint through increased automation and improved energy usage within the hatchery.

The completion of these projects would not have been possible without the very good work of our teams. Their involvement, dedication to excellence, and expertise largely contributed to a successful result. Their efforts are just the beginning as these investments aim to deliver value to Hybrid customers and to help ensure the sustainability of the turkey industry.

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