Introducing Updated Commercial Nutrition Guidelines for the Hybrid Converter

Published on May 27, 2024

Introducing Updated Commercial Nutrition Guidelines for the Hybrid Converter

Now launching new commercial nutritional guidelines for Hybrid Converter commercial turkeys, specially formulated for the Americas market.

To get the best performance from your flock, tailored nutritional guidelines for your feed should balance economics and performance. We are pleased to introduce updated guidelines designed to optimize performance of the 2024 Hybrid Converter.

Click here to view and download the nutritional guidelines for products available in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).

How were the guidelines created?

These guidelines were formed by analyzing our extended commercial customer database and trials performed at Hybrid’s research facilities in the USA and Canada. Before finalizing the guidelines, we reviewed the most common feed nutrition programs in the Americas to ensure they were in line with existing practices for our customers.

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Key Updates

One major change was to reduce the amount of calcium and phosphorus in grower and finisher diets. By reducing calcium and phosphorus, growers can expect cost savings and enhanced performance through improved litter quality, feed conversation ratio (FCR), and overall better digestive health. It is very important to note that calcium reduction in the feed does not occur during the brooding stage (0 to 6 weeks). These nutrients are crucial for early bone development to ensure optimal growth later on in the growing stages.

This decrease of calcium and phosphorus must be associated with a ration correctly fortified in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which is why it is important to follow the nutritional recommendations. Vitamin D3 must always be added in the right amount because it has a predominant role in the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Moreover, the reduction of calcium and phosphorus is only optimal with the correct use of phytases when added to the diet.

We also adjusted a change in energy level through different phases with higher energy in the first three phases and lower energy levels in the last five. It is very important to get poults off to a good start with the suggested energy level to establish good gut health and excellent bodyweight gain.

Key Highlights:


We have now made available an eight-phase feed program. Stay tuned for part two of this article where we will provide a detailed explanation of benefits of an eight-phase feed program.

Health and Immunity Support

Supporting the nutritional needs of your turkeys will have an overall positive effect on health throughout the turkey's life. Gut health is critical for immune system function and disease resistance. The correct quantity of nutrients in your turkey feed support optimal gut health which plays a pivotal role in reducing the incidence of diseases and ensures overall turkey health.

Customized for Updated Genetics

These nutrition guidelines have been formulated for optimized performance of the 2024 Hybrid Converter. Thanks to years of innovation, this product delivers an exceptional improvement in performance, including an enhanced focus on breast meat yield, competitive feed conversion, and superior average daily gain. Be sure to follow the nutritional recommendations in the first 6 weeks of growth to get the full impact of this product's genetic potential.

What are the benefits for turkey growers?

By following the recommended guidelines, turkey growers now have a more tailored nutritional program for the Hybrid Converter product that considers the needs of the Americas region. They are also able to save feed costs through the adjusted minerals and energy levels in the later stages of growth.

We want to support you in achieving optimal flock performance as well as improved economic results. Contact us if you would like to learn more about supporting your flock with the best nutritional recommendations.

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