New PS rearing guidelines released for the ConverterNOVO

Published on June 28, 2023

New PS rearing guidelines released for the ConverterNOVO

We are excited to release new parent stock rearing guidelines for the Hybrid ConverterNOVO. With these guidelines, we have introduced a new growth curve that considers the impact of seasonality leading from rearing into production.

The ConverterNOVO is optimized for the European market and offers excellent livability and increased egg production. To reflect this performance, new parent stock rearing guidelines are now available, including the rearing period growth curve that considers the impact of seasonality. These new guidelines were created based on data collected over a two-year period from a large number of breeder flocks in Europe.

How does warm weather affect performance?

The ConverterNOVO hens will achieve the best performance if they have been grown within the guidelines of the blue and green curves. This applies to birds that will start laying eggs in the normal season. For birds who will start laying in the warm season, the lightest turkeys are more likely to go broody. For this reason, we recommend growth in the red zone, between the green and red curves, for turkeys that will start laying in the warm season.

Rearing guidelines ConverterNOVO
ConverterNOVO Rearing Guidelines

The difference between the blue and red zone growth can be obtained by using a different Holding diet between 12 weeks of age to lighting. See our nutrition guidelines. The Holding diet might be lighter for birds that will start their production in normal weather (blue zone) than ones that will start in the warm season (red zone)

The goal of these new guidelines is to offer tailored, specific recommendations for our customers. With this guidance, our aim is to help European producers succeed with excellent performance in their operations.

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