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Published on April 11, 2019

State-of-the-art farm opens in Dłużec, Poland

March 28, 2019 marked the official opening of the new turkey parent stock rearing farm in Dłużec, Poland. This investment represents a commitment to strengthening our production center in Poland.

Almost 180 people attended the opening. Guests included numerous customers from north-eastern Poland, representatives from local government, processing, feed mills, local veterinary officers, as well as the Faculty of Animal Bioengineering and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn.

The event was opened by Raf Beeren, Managing Director, who presented current and planned activities aimed at delivering the highest level product and service to the turkey value chain worldwide. The investments in R&D and distribution implemented in the US, France, Poland and Russia were presented. He also spoke on the upcoming opening of the new pure line breeding unit in Europe, important news for Polish turkey growers. With two breeding centres in Canada and France, the product offering will be even better adjusted to the requirements of customers from both continents.

Sebastian Krawczyk, Manager for Technology and Investments in Grelavi, then presented on the project from the design stage up until the final implementation. This farm is truly unique as it is estimated to be the most modern turkey farm in the country. The solutions implemented, the most advanced technologies and materials, has resulted in a farm that will provide the best living conditions for the flocks, regardless of the weather conditions.

New ps farm front shot.jpg

Specialists in animal husbandry and veterinarians working for Grelavi then used the opportunity to share their experiences on the key elements of effective turkey production. Good practices in water quality management in barns, microclimate and litter management as well as the recommendations concerning biosecurity were presented.

Concluding the event, Jean-Claude Dallè, Managing Director, Hendrix Genetics EMEA, gave a toast and initiated the ribbon cutting ceremony.

The group toured the facility to view the new farm equipment. The participants were particularly interested in the cross and tunnel ventilation system with application of pad cooling technology, state-of-the-art feeding system, water sanitation system and the control systems applied.

The event ended with an official lunch during which the invited guests and hosts celebrated together in nice and friendly environment.

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