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Published on Nov. 13, 2019

Water consumption guidelines now available

Turkeys need regular access to clean water to grow to their full potential. But what amount of consumption should you be looking for? A new set of guidelines are now available to help you track and compare against the standard.

Feed and water consumption go hand in hand. A decrease in water consumption will usually be reflected in a decrease in feed consumption. To make sure your turkeys are drinking the recommended amount, we’ve created a quick reference sheet for water consumption for each product, broken down by week. The guidelines also note the difference in consumption between male and female birds.

Also important to consider is that water consumption will change depending on the environmental conditions. For example, during the summer when temperatures rise, the birds will drink more water to manage the effects of the heat.

Visit the Water consumption section of our new commercial resources to download any of our guidelines in metric or imperial units.

Water consumption resources

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