Vitamin and trace mineral supplementation

The information contained herein is a guideline only and may not reflect current feed regulations in all geographic regions. Please consult local feed regulations when considering applicability. Seasonality, weather, and other factors can affect performance. Some regions may differ in the ingredients commonly used in turkey diets.

Nutrient Source Unit 0-42 Days 43-84 Days >84 Days % Nutrient Recovery
Vitamin A Vitamin A Acetate (stabilized) IU/kg 12500 11500 9500 84
Vitamin D₃ Vitamin D₃, 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D₃ IU/kg 5000 5000 4800 84
Vitamin E dl‐α Tocopherol Acetate,
d‐α Tocopherol Acetate
IU/kg 100 70 50 84
K₃ (Menadione) MSBC³, MPB³, MNB³ mg/kg 5 3.5 3 56
Thiamine Thiamine Mononitrate mg/kg 4 3 2 84

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