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Whether you are an experienced grower looking to review best practices or someone who is new to turkey farming, our How-To videos will guide you through common tasks in turkey management.

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How-To: Farm Entry Procedures

To keep your birds free from disease, growers must practice proper biosecurity both in and outside the barn. Watch this How-To video to learn how to avoid cross-contamination while entering the farm.

How-To: Tight Test a House

The tighter the house, the more efficient. Watch this How-To video to learn how to tight test your barn in order to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment for your birds.

How-To: Negative Pressure Ventilation Calculator

Ventilation is a key management area to ensure happy and healthy flocks that deliver great performance. Watch this video to learn how to use our Ventilation Calculator to optimize the environment in your barn when using various ventilation systems.

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How-To: Proper Air Flow

In this How-To video, we walk through how to test and achieve proper air flow in your barn. Through doing so, growers will keep litter dry by controlling humidity while maintaining the correct static pressure for proper air exchange.

How-To: Stray Voltage

In this How-To video, we go through how to test for stray voltage. Stray voltage can lead to wet floors and wasted feed and water, which can impact feed conversion and weight gain. Correcting this issue is key to maintaining a strong environment for your turkeys.

Hybrid Turkeys How To: Measuring Poult Temperature

In this How-To Video, we discuss the importance of monitoring the internal temperature of your poults. Learn the ideal temperature range along with how to measure temperature directly using a digital thermometer and more.

How-To: Egg Sanitation

Egg sanitation plays an important role in optimizing quality and overall hatchability. Watch this video to learn how to test sanitation levels in a machine, prepare eggs for sanitation, and more. This video uses a water-based machine with chlorine as the sanitizing agent and is only one example of the various sanitation methods available to turkey growers today.

How-To: Floor Temperature Profiling

Establishing and maintaining proper floor temperatures in your brooder barn ensure your poults get off to a great start. Watch this How-To video to learn how to use an infrared gun to measure temperature, troubleshoot incorrect readings, and more.

How To: Nest Training

Nest training is a way to ensure easy nest access to limit the number of floor eggs and reduce broody behaviour. In our latest How-To video, we'll go over how to train turkeys to vacate the nest and ramp area at the onset of egg production.

How To: Stir Fans

Airflow plays a crucial role in ensuring the health and wellness of turkeys. In our latest How-To video, we explore how to properly set up stir fans and measure airflow to maintain optimum temperatures and humidity.

How-To: Using Feed Paper

In this how-to video, our expert walks you through setting up feed paper in your turkey barn. You'll learn where to place it, how much to use, and how often to redress. Following these steps leads to the development of good gut health, early growth, and decreased early mortality.

How-To: Sampling Waterlines

Water sanitation is a vital part of turkey management to ensure the health and wellness of your turkeys. In our first Hybrid Turkeys how-to video, our expert takes you through the tools and steps required to sample waterlines. This is an important process that should be done at least twice per year.

Remember, if the water isn't good enough for you to drink, it probably isn't for your turkeys, either.