Tailored products deliver choice for the industry

Published on Aug. 15, 2019

Tailored products deliver choice for the industry

Your region, target market, and production system are all part of your needs as a grower. For this reason, we know that a one-size-fits-all approach to product development does not translate to added value for all. To ensure the global turkey industry has choice, our product portfolio is designed to meet the needs of various markets and give options to growers and processors to ensure success throughout the value chain.


Our core product portfolio, offers a precise balance between economic and welfare traits. Feed conversion, fertility, breast meat, and livability are all considered when selecting high performance birds that are healthy and easy to manage. These products are best suited for commercial production systems.

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Hybrid Grade Maker

The Hybrid Grade Maker is a medium bird that excels in the whole bird market. For those looking for an easy-to-raise bird with excellent commercial and breeder performance, this is the perfect bird for you. The Hybrid Grade Maker has excellent grade, livability and feed conversion and is perfect in systems with reduced antibiotic usage. The superior carcass and high meat quality make this an obvious choice for growers and processors alike.

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Hybrid Optima

The Hybrid Optima is specially designed for markets looking for a slightly heavier option in combination with good reproductive performance. It delivers optimal results at processing including increased breast meat yield and final body weight. This bird is favoured by growers due to its calm behaviour, good feed conversion and excellent gut health, resulting in drier litter.

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Hybrid Converter

The Hybrid Converter is an all-around strong performer across many areas of production. It offers leading feed conversion, flexible processing weights, and thrives in multiple climates and management systems, making it the most widely used turkey strain in the world. This bird is best suited for those interested in a heavy strain designed for total system profitability. The Hybrid Converter is a robust bird that many find to be the bird of choice for an antibiotic free production system.

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Hybrid XL

The Hybrid XL is the heaviest option in our core product portfolio. It is an ideal bird for further processing. In addition to heavy body weight targets the Hybrid XL boasts competitive feed conversion and excellent livability.

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Each of our alternative product offerings balance the economics of a commercial turkey strain, while maintaining the characteristics of a traditional breed. These products are specially tailored to deliver good feed conversion and yield, while maintaining their heritage traits. For commercial producers looking to diversify their offering, our alternative products are a great way to make an entry into a new market.

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Orlopp Bronze

The Orlopp Bronze is a beautiful bronze feathered turkey that offers high quality meat with natural fat layering for superior flavor. This turkey delivers competitive feed conversion and excellent conformation paired with industry-leading health status. The Orlopp Bronze can be raised in a variety of production systems and is the product of choice for the most discerning tastes.

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The Cartier is a majestic, bronze-feathered turkey suitable for a variety of production systems. It is a robust turkey with excellent livability and feed conversion rates. Its slow growing nature and unique flavouring enable it to meet the standards of high quality consumer labels. The Cartier delivers great value and is the perfect choice for the grandest occasions.

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Cartier Turkey
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Small, stocky, and robust, the MiniCLASSIC has been carefully bred to deliver the qualities of a classic, commercial bird, in a small convenient package. Its size offers maximum harvesting flexibility without sacrificing meat yield or quality. The MiniCLASSIC delivers a high quality, succulent taste and is the perfect centerpiece for any family celebration.

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Our specialty products have been bred to preserve their rustic and historical traits that have been maintained for generations. Each of these birds have their own unique heritage and have exceptional color, taste, and ability to thrive in traditional environments.


The MiniBRONZE offers all the benefits of a celebration turkey in a small convenient size. This bronze-feathered turkey is reminiscent of a simpler time due to its slow growth, rustic characteristics and natural beauty. As a whole-bird option, consumers will embrace the MiniBRONZE for its small size and beautiful dinner table presentation.

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The Artisan is a slow growing black turkey that is perfect for niche markets. The Artisan thrives in a free-range or custom environment and offers a robust, gamey taste. With its unique and uncommon characteristics, the Artisan is a standout breed for any farm or dinner table.

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The Nimba is a guinea fowl that offers a unique and unforgettable culinary experience. The Nimba originates from sub-Saharan Africa where guinea fowl have been known to roam in savannas and semi-deserts or found perched high on treetops in the forest. The Nima has beautiful grey feathering with silver pearl-shaped spots. The Nimba offers excellent quality, gourmet flavoring, and meets the most stringent standards for many consumer quality labels.

Guinea Fowl
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Rouges des Ardennes

The Rouge des Ardennes is a rare red-feathered turkey offering superb taste. It is a rustic and robust breed, that offers the slowest growth of any of our specialty products. This slow growth creates a final product with soft flesh and a hearty taste and turns any meal into a work of art.

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Choice for today and options for the future

We remain focused on providing the industry viable product options, not only to meet the needs of today’s markets but also to prepare for the needs of the future. Our Research and Development teams continuously test and research current and new crosses in order to address customer feedback, market shifts and changing consumer preferences.

To learn more about what product is right for you, we invite you to contact our team.

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